720p Mini Cube Camera with Built-in SD Card

• 720p HD resolution (1280 x 720) • Supports recording to an internal microSD Card (8 GB microSD Card Included, up to 32GB microSD card supported.) • Saves video and still images in standard .AVI and .JPG formats. • Low light capability using invisible self-contained IR LED illuminator (940nm wavelength). • Compact Design • Audio Recording • File Transfer Flexibility - Use only the included USB cable connected to the camera, or remove the microSD card and use the included microSD-to-USB adapter. • Versatile Mounting Options – Camera Clip & Magnetic Bracket can be used together or separately. • Included Extras – USB wall charger, USB cable, microSD card-to-USB adapter. • Camera Dimensions: 25 x 27 x 20mm

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Revo America

REVO’s standalone Covert Mini Cube camera is perfect for discreet video surveillance applications. The camera’s design is very compact (25x27x20mm) and versatile. It can be mounted anywhere or used as a portable video camera. The camera produces a crystal-clear color HD image at 720p and can record in low light environments. The camera records video and still images to a removable microSD card of up to 32GB (an 8GB microSD card is included). Recording can be activated manually, by pressing the “play” button to start and stop recording, or the camera can record continuously, saving video in 5-minute clips. In addition, the Covert Mini Cube camera supports voice activated recording, allowing it to automatically start recording when it detects a nearby sound. The built-in rechargeable battery, when fully charged, will allow the camera to remain in a standby condition for about an hour, and supports a recording time of about 45 minutes. The camera will turn itself off automatically if not recording, conserving battery life. Charging the camera is easy; just connect the camera to your PC with the supplied USB cable, or use the included USB wall power adapter. The REVO Covert Mini Cube Camera is easy to mount. The included two-piece combination clip and magnetic bracket allows great versatility for camera mounting, and allows portable body camera functionality by clipping the camera to a shirt or jacket.

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Resolution 720p
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