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  1. Crimp Tool


      Crimp Tool for HEX BNC, RCA & F Connectors Provides Repeatable & Reliable Terminations Comfortable, Non-Slip handles Replacement Dies are Interchangeable
  2. Compression Crimping Tool


      For use w⁄ BNC, RCA & F Compression Connectors Makes a Super Tight Weatherproof Connection Adjustable height for different BNC Compression Connectors For Use on RG59, RG58, and RG6 Cables Also has Fittings for RCA & F type Connectors
  3. Cat5/Cat6 Network Tool Kit


      Crimp Tool For 6P⁄8P Plugs 9V Powered Cable Tester for RJ45 + RJ 11 Remote Module Allows Testing Up to 1000ft Away 60 Connectors (30 RJ45 And 30 RJ 11) Proficient Easy to Use Cable Stripper And Cable Cutter Sturdy Professional Case
  4. CCTV Compression Tool Kit


      Professional Coax Compression Tool Coax Wire Stripper Easy Wire Cutter 30 RG59U BNC Compression Connectors Sturdy Professional Case
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4 Items