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1. What is the difference between a static IP and a dynamic IP?

A static IP is a fixed IP address assigned to you by your internet provider that will never change. A dynamic IP is a constantly changing IP address that could change at any point.

2. What is DVRNS?

It is the DVR domain name server that you can login to the DVR remotely without typing in the IP address. For example if you name your DVR Securitall, you would type in the name Securitall instead of It is easier to remember a name instead of an IP address.

3. Approximately how many feet of RJ12 cable can be ran before a line amplifier is required?

600 feet without a line amplifier, 1200 feet with a line amplifier.


4. How does images per second affect the DVR HDD space?

The greater the images per second, the more disk space is used up when recording.

5. How does motion sensing and cameras work with the DVR?

DVR's detect motion by looking at the video pixels (little light and dark dots that make up the video picture) as the pixels change the DVR sees motion.  DVR's have a "Mask" or overlay for each camera, the screen is divided up into many small boxes called cells.  Each cell can be individually turned on or off to enable or disable motion detection in that cell.  This allows a camera not to see normally moving objects like trees or fans.  Each camera also has a sensitivity level setting that controls the amount of change in motion before the systems triggers.  All motion sensing is done in the DVR.  The camera has nothing to do with motion sensing, it just provides the video to the DVR.

6. Can I review recorded video and keep recording at the same time and not lose any recording time?



7. Can I switch from a split screen view (4, 8 or 16 cameras per screen) to a single camera view and keep recording all the cameras at the same time?


8. Can I record audio on my DVR?

Yes, as long as the camera has audio and the camera is connected to any of the first 4 ports on the DVR. Some states do not allow audio recording, make sure to check with your local authorities before recording audio.

9. How much time will a hard drive record for?

It depends on your DVR setup (Basic, High or Best) and your hard drive capacity. With the same hard drive capacity, setting DVR with High Quality image will shorten your recoding time. 160GB HDD on 4 Channel DVR with best quality image last for 1 week.

10. Can I view video from the DVR on my TV or do I need a monitor?

No, you can only use a CRT monitor or a VGA monitor


11. Can I make my own cables?

No, our cables are double shielded cables that are proprietary to REVO

12. Is the dome camera an indoor or outdoor camera?

Indoor only, it is not weather proof or resistant

13. Can I connect a VGA monitor and TV Screen (Through the RCA Video Port) at the same time?

No, it can only be one or the other. But you can split the VGA or the RCA Connection to mulitple monitors.

14. I’m unable to program my DVR to record from 1900 (7 a.m.) to 0700 (7 a.m.) and the DVR will not let me program past 2400. Why is that?

You have to enter 2 lines. The first line is from 1900 to 2400 and the second line would be from 0000 to 0700.


    15. Can I connect any BNC cameras to the DVR?

Only the 16 channel DVR has the capability to use BNC cameras. It has 8 RJ12 connections and 8 BNC connections.

17. Which ports do I need to open on my computer to be able to view video remotely?

8016, 8200, 10019, 8116 and 12088

18. What is the username and password?

Admin and no password

19. Is there a max size of video that I can record to a flash drive?

2 G is the max

20. When I pull up RevoDVR.com / Remote Viewing (Webguard), on Firefox or Safari nothing happens?

Webguard only works on Internet Explorer

21. What are These Extra ports on the back of my DVR?

On our bigger DVRs, such as the 16 channel, or the high-end pro units such as Revo Elite, there are BNC ports that are circular,

22. What are BNC Ports?

Short for Bayonet Neill Concelman connector, (sometimes erroneously called a British Naval Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector,a type of connector used with coaxial cables such as the RG-58 A/U.  All Revo Elite, PTZ Cameras, and Pro cameras will need BNC ports to connect to, or Converter Kits

23. What comes with Revo Elite / BNC Cameras?

Right now just the camera is included,you have to make sure to have BNC cable, and a source of power for the camera, since power is not carried on a normal BNC Cable, but it is on a Siamese BNC Cable

24. Which Hard Drives work With my Revo America 16 Channel DVR? (R16DVR3 / R16DVR4)

Right now Here is a list of Hard Drives that you can get that will work great with your DVR, remember to upgrade the FirmWare for your DVR, and check out the Revo America Download Section Here
Compatible DVR Hard Drives