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Video Review from Paul via YouTube Contest

Revo America System Review

January 2012, Pittsburg, PA The Revo System from SecuritAll was very easy to set up. Provides clear pictures during day and night. I have recommended this system to all my friends and family.Each camera comes with a 60' RJ12 Quick connect cable which worked in most of our locations. However for longer distances additional cables must be ordered. They require a specialty cable which sends audio, video and power thru one cord. This cable isn't sold at local stores, so plan ahead and purchase if needed before you begin to install. Additional cables are available thru SecuritAll website. This was the only drawback to the product. Otherwise we love it, Mark S.

February 2012, Fort Worth, TX I almost didnt get this unit from the one bad review but luckily looked elsewhere here and online and found numerous other positive reviews. I seem to go through DVRs quite often with less expensive models and decided to step up to a better system. I am very pleased with this system. The picture quality is way above the cheap models. The outdoor cameras are all metal with no visible wires and installation was easy with the one click wire and no power to be run separate. I had a little trouble getting networked but called tech support and they got it up and running and Im able to see 4 cameras at a time in my iphone. I found the upgrade well worth the money, thanks SecuritAll! Peter S.

Marion Police Department Recommendation for Revo America camera systems

Most people think video recording systems are all the same but when you use them daily as we do for building security, interviews, and investigations, not all of them are the same.

The City of Marion, Texas is a very small community, but like the bigger cities we too have our problems.  There are many video recording systems out there which are phenomenal, but we prefer Revo America’s video recording system.  The system is very user friendly, is easy to set up and the infrared cameras have a very clear picture quality without those annoying lines which are seen in some recorded video. 

If you are looking to spend your money on a high quality video recording system, the City of Marion recommends Revo America. Donald Reed Crane Jr. Marion, TX